Reunion 1941, Reunion 1945, Reunion 1977

Since 1927 the Hunsbergers and Yenters have held a joint family reunion. Mary's sister Luella married John Yenter and the families would meet once a year.

Seated in front: Yenter girl, Leona Hunsberger, Ruth Marquette, Don Knerl, Yenter girl, Marjorie Knerl, Ethel Hunsberger Knerl, Althea Knerl, a number of Yenter girls, Luella Spahr, Deloris Spahr.

Next row: small boy standing Earl Boechner, Howard Boechner, Marvin Marquette, Louise Hunsberger, little boy on the end is probably a Marquette boy.

Standing in rear Dixie Yenter, Edwin Hunsberger.Kenny Marquette, Victor Hunsberger, George Marquette, Ira Hunsberger, Mose Hunsberger, Mary Georiann Belzer Hunsberger, Charlie Knerl, Katie Hunsberger, ?, Luella Boechner, Fern Spahr, Fred Yenter, ?, Mattie Stuber Hunsberger, Alan Hunsberger, Amos Boechner, Mary Marquette, Jack Yenter, Yenter girl.